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Falling Skies Trailer Analysis [possible spoilers]

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Right guys, besides the trailer being absolutely mind-blowing, there were some things in it that don’t make sense, as well as the whole “WE WILL NOT DO FLASHBACKS” which they had promised not to do which seems to be the case … or not.

In a snippet, we see Anne pregnant with a sort of alien machine connected to her stomach. Now, even assuming that they decided to do flashbacks, Anne had been kidnapped after she had given birth to Lexi as she was holding her in her arms when she got kidnapped. So, is this literally, a ‘Nightmare’ as suggested by the picture above taken from the Falling Skies facebook page?

Again when it comes to the whole ‘no flashbacks’ thing…could Karen still be alive? She is seen in the trailer holding baby Lexi (or at least we have to assume with a considerable amount of confidence that it is her) which would have been before the obvious reunion between Tom and his family and Karen’s death. All this of course relies upon the theory that they will indeed stick to the whole ‘no flashbacks’ way they have been doing for a whole 3 seasons so far.

Then we come to the whole ‘white room’ and Anne being awoken by Lexi. We start the actual trailer by being shown Anne laying on the floor being woken up as well…maybe these two events are connected(?)

We see a pretty weird moment in which all we can see is some sort of womb in which Lexi [Scarlett Byrne version of Lexi] and her ending up yelling at Ben whilst in a red robe on what I would assume is the ‘hive ship’ of the Eshpheni. Has she crossed sides?

We see once more Alexis, and at this point perhaps what she says makes more significance. “I want to show you the future”. We know that she can do things that normal humans probably don’t. I want to hope that she has the superpower of being able to see into the future, or maybe this may be linked to the Plan which the Eshpheni keep referring to as their excuse for taking over Earth. Who knows really…

We also see what seems to be Techtor (Ryan Robbins) though that is not confirmed having some sort of…how do I put this…vein problems! His veins seem to be black and be completely almost overtaking his face, which looks slightly terrifying. It reminds me of the procedure Hal Mason had in Season 3 Episode 06, Be Silent and Come Out, in which his eye worm was removed. He also looked as though his veins were black. Hopefully they don’t kill him off, I like Techtor!

Then comes the whole gas mask thing that we saw, as Matt Mason appears to be in a gas mask while turning to see something. There is also what appears to be fog around, which also shows up in another scene in which Tom shoots towards something which we cannot see in the fog. Maybe the same scenery?

And finally, what is surprisinly the thing that kept me a bit curious (beyong the whole video exploding my mind of course) was the burned body. It was the convinient moment it appeared, let me show you the future, Lexi talk, that made me think that this may be what is in the future. Maybe she can just think someone dead or maybe something happens during the war to cause this to happen. Maybe that body is somebody we know. Maybe it’s a randomer.

The one thing I truly have to say is: June 22nd better come quickly…IT HAS TO COME QUICKLY I NEED MY FALLING SKIES FIX!


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